Sunday, 1 November 2009

Ready to go:

By the end of the 2nd of November (GMT) the online video experiment will be live. Those who are signed up to the mailing list will recieve a message concerning the URL and mirror URL.

I will also be launching an appeal for new participants as well, who will need to fill in the initial questionaire which details I will also publish again tommorrow.

Following this there will be an appeal for NT online participants (as a control group)

There will also be a version of the AQ/EQ test online which participants will be encouraged (though not compelled) to complete. Completion of the test will not be taken to be an endorsement of approval of the ethics or methodology of the test.


bullet said...

Well, I did it, but I'll be honest and say that I did not enjoy it. However, as my enjoyment was not necessary to the questionaire, or it's findings, that doesn't matter.
The thing is, is that first of all it was asking me to observe things and remember things, which is all very well and good, but I hyperfocus on small details or odd details about things, often to the exclusion of other stuff, so it did impact on my ability to pick up on what was happening, either visually or aurally. I really need to see things written down, when I can be very perceptive. It's not that I notice nothing, just that if I'm looking at ears, or mouths, or a speck on the wall, or numbers, I'm going to miss other things.
And being asked questions on how people compared and contrasted to each other, or whether we believed a person may or may not be on the spectrum was something I could always do no more than guess at. Very very difficult for me to do.
I realise I could have kept watching the videos until I had the answers you wanted, but I'd rather you knew just exactly what it is like for me when faced with something like this.
Anyway, sorry for the pessimism and I hope you get some more useful answers.

The author said...

Thank you for that very valuable comment, these are the things I am indeed interested in, for instance the level of distraction that may be caused by small details, which would be important in creating a video for people who are susceptible to such an effect.

If people find the questions hard to answer, that is an answer in itself.