Wednesday, 18 November 2009

Problems with email

It would appear that at least in some cases the mail from the discussion and communication list set up for this project is being identified as spam. It is not something I can control, though it is surprising that an academic list is being treated this way by various ISP's spam heuristics. It seems that the spammers have a lot to be responsible for in destroying the potential of the internet.

Therefore I am having to communicate individually again and have set up a new distribution list to remind participants who are yet to complete the video viewing task and questionnaire.

If you are recieving multiple reminders and have completed it already, my apologies.

I would also wish to remind participants not to discuss the project on any mailing lists they share as this could compromise the results from an academic viewpoint.

If anyone has any public comment they wish to share about the research they can use the comments feature on this blog, or otherwise please use the mailing list

autvideo(at)jiscmail(dot)ac (dot uk.

People who are new to this study and want to volunteer please fill in the Questionnaire on

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