Sunday, 8 March 2009

More setbacks but getting ready to go.

As stated in my last post I have been concentrating recently on a video co-operation with a final year Student from Coventry University.

There have been some setbacks due to computer problems this time, with my main editing machine having to go back for repairs, with a problem that is still not resolved, so it will go back again next week.

However I am at a more advanced stage in the preparation of my experimental material, which will feature some of the co-operative work.

There has been some change of plan due to the financial restrictions on me. Those of you who have volunteered over the internet will not now receive a DVD through the post but will be able to view the video on a password protected site, via flash. This will mean the quality of the video is less than I would prefer but I hope that should not impact upon the observations I wish to record.

Participants will be able to access the video and then answer questions via the same website set up for the initial questionnaires. Alternatives will be available for those who find this difficult or who would prefer an email copy of the questionnaire, to return, or to print out and post back.

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