Friday, 3 October 2008

Project temporarily stalled

Following on my successful presentation at the NAS international conference "Research into action"

(details available by clicking here)

I had hoped to be getting on with editing the final segment of video for the experiment itself. Unfortunately I am still mired in copyright problems somewhat complicated by the circumstances of the ownership of the video.

In the meantime enjoy this little example from the not so distant past which illustrates how not to make an educational video :)


Anonymous said...

I loved your narration, but the music is far too loud and distracting.

laurentius rex said...

I thought so too :)

That is the point in a way, because the narration is about being distracted from the core of the message, hence the bullfighter gesture with my coat synchronized to the phrase "the rest is distraction"

It's not just the music but semiotics.

Some video makers use all these techniques deliberatly, whilst others don't seem to know any better.

The ultimate in confusion would be to run a non lip synched narration with a set of sub titles that said something else, to see just what if anything anyone picked up from it.