Thursday, 14 February 2008

Second Report

This is the second feed back report of my doctoral research looking at the effectiveness of video as an educational tool for people on the autistic spectrum.

The study involves adults on the autistic spectrum and a control group who are not on the autistic spectrum. Participants will respond to a questionnaire about their video-watching and buying habits, view one or more educational videos (or parts of videos) about autism or related subjects and answer questions about them. For a more complete introduction to the study please refer to my earlier blog:

So far I have had 95 replies to the questionnaire - good going but I need more so if you have not replied to this yet please do so:

For those of you who have, and who have volunteered, thank you. I will be in touch. One of the problems is finding a way to involve those who cannot travel to Birmingham or Coventry to take part. This has exercised my mind as well as my conscience and I am currently working on a way to facilitate participation online by watching my prepared video material and then answering the questions on it. Hopefully that will be possible, in the meantime please be patient.

I have not yet finished preparing the video material I intend to use in the experimental part of my research, however it is in progress, and I am delaying anything further until the publication of the NAS communication magazine which will give others who do not yet know about this project, the opportunity to participate.